These are started dishes

  • Fresh calamari with spearmint sauce & patato chips

  • Warm eggplant salad Casa di Te

  • Steamed mussels with saffron & Assyrtiko wine

  • Warm Santorini fava beans (chickpea) with small pita bread

  • Grilled octopus with extra virgin olive oil , Greek herbs & cherry tomatoes

  • Greek cheeses kadaifi with tomato jam

  • Meatballs stuffed with gruyere cheese in red sauce

  • Chicken wings with cognac sauce

  • Fried zucchinis with yogurt sauce , flavored with fennel & lemon


  • Alternative Greek salad

  • Octopus salad with cherry tomatoes,green olives,cucumber,rusk & yogurt sauce

  • Mixed greens with colored peppers,corn,fresh onion,nuts,gruyere cheese & sauce from old balsamic

  • Salad with grilled chicken & bacon,pine nuts ,rusk,cheese flakes & sauce from old balsamic

  • Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella,grilled pitta bread & basil pesto

Risotto - Pasta

  • Chicken risotto with bacon & cream cheeses

  • Risotto with variety of mushrooms & truffle oil

  • Papardelle with beef ragu ( tomato sauce)

  • Spaghetti Casa di Te

  • Linguine with fresh salmon in white cognac sauce

  • Barley pasta with shrimps ,chives,cherry tomatoes ,tsipouro & feta cheese

Main Courses

Main Dishes

  • Sea bass fillet fricassee with greens & lemon sauce

  • Salmon fillet with orange sauce & celeriac Purée

  • King size shrimps with green salad & lemon sauce

  • Beef fillet with Vinsanto wine sauce,potato cubes & eggplant purée

  • Lamb, wrapped in cook paper with potatoes,honey mustard & rosemary

  • Chechen fillet with bitter almond sauce & sweet patato

  • Pork tenderloin with mix cheese cream sauce & basmati rice


  • Chocolate cigar with ice cream

  • Samolina halva in a kadaifi nest with vanilla ice cream & caramel syrup

  • Crunchy filo sheets with vanilla cream & sour cherry

  • Chocolate pie with ice cream

  • Yogurt mousse with syrup traditional sweets